About Us

Canhota Filmes is an audiovisual production company located in Rio de Janeiro that develops and realizes content for film and television.

The company has recently been responsible for the shooting of the TV program Disconnected Challenge, a reality documentary produced by Nippurmedia for Motorola and Discovery Channel.

In 2019, Canhota Filmes produced the documentary Madame, directed by André da Costa Pinto and Nathan Cirino. The movie is a co-production with GloboNews/Globo Filmes, founded by the FSA (Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual – Audiovisual Sector Funding) and distributed by Arthouse. The documentary have been selected for many national and international film festivals as: Festival do Rio 2019 (Felix Award Jury Mention, Rio de Janeiro, 2019), For Rainbow (João Nery Award, Fortaleza, 2019) and 7º Indian Cine Film Festival (Honorable Jury Mention, New Deli, 2019).

The company is currently raising funds and pre-producing two feature films for 2020.
Firstly, Matrioska, a romantic comedy which is to be filmed in Rio de Janeiro, directed by Paulo Halm and co-produced with Globo Filmes, República Pureza with Arthouse distribution. Secondly, Tudo Errado, which will be directed by Paulo Halm, produced in partnership with Tapioca Filmes, with resources of FSA funding, sponsored by Nosso Lar stores, and shot in the State of Tocantins.

The Production Company was started in 2013, with the documentary Hijab, mulheres de véu (Hijab, veiled women), directed by Paulo Halm. The film follows six Brazilian women who chose the Muslim religion and relate why they converted and decided to use the Hijab, the Islamic veil. The film was shown in several cinemas of the CineArte circuit in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Brasilia.

In 2015, Canhota Filmes was awarded with the FSA’s Prodav 5 grant to develop the series Esta noite encarnarei seu corpinho de Paulo Halm.