Liara Castro is a journalist, producer and director for television, documentaries and corporate videos. She has directed the short film Coletivo, the TV series Elvirão ou como vovó já dizia aired by Canal Brasil and other corporate videos. She has worked as a local producer for several foreign production companies that come to Rio de Janeiro to shoot reality shows and TV series, such as Nippurmedia and EyeWorks/Cuatro Cabezas. Recently, she has directed the Brazilian part of Disconnected Challenge, produced by Nippurmedia for Motorola and Discovery Channel.

She is the producer of Matrioska, a film by Paulo Halm, and of the documentary Madame, as well as director of the feature film Tudo Que Deus, by director André da Costa Pinto.

She was project manager for Conspiração Filmes and content production / Researcher at EyeWorks/Cuatro Cabezas, developing programs like Mulheres Ricas, A Liga, CQC, Sexo Urbano, Histórias Secretas, Fair Play, among other programs aired by channels such as Discovery Channel, History Channel, HBO and Band.