Jaqueline Neves holds a master’s degree in History from UNIRIO, studied Radio & TV at UFRJ and works as executive producer, researcher and project developer for cinema and TV. She is currently an executive production assistant at Canhota Filmes. For cinema, she has worked as executive producer for the feature-length documentaries Madame (2019), by André da Costa Pinto and Nathan Cirino; Abrindo o Armário (2017), by Dario Menezes and Luis Abramo; and Meu Nome é Jacque (2016). She has also worked as Production Coordinator for the feature Rio da Dúvida (in post-production), by Joel Pizzini; and as Executive Production Coordinator of the feature-length documentary Mandado (2018), by Brenda Melo Morais and João Paulo Reys. She was Executive Production Assistant of Betinho – A Esperança Equilibrista (2015), by Victor Lopes; and Assistant Producter in the feature documentaries Clementina (in post-production) by Ana Rieper; Dissecando Antonieta (2015) by Betse de Paula; and Knock Down (2017) by Rafael Norton. She is developing the features “Colcha de Memórias”, selected for the Impact Doc Lab (a program of DOC SP/Doc Society), and Reverso, which has been part of several workshops and labs, such as the “Filma Afro” laboratory in Cartagena das Indias, Colombia, for which it received a grant from the Ibermedia fund.