Esta noite encarnarei no teu corpinho

Esta noite encarnarei no seu corpinho is a supernatural comedy that narrates the misadventures of Gui, an unconvincing actor who dies accidentally and ends up in hell. When he discovers that his death was a bureaucratic mistake, Gui revolts and demands to return to life, since he must resume his artistic career and, above all, win back his beloved Esmeralda. After a tug-of-war between heaven and hell, it is decided that Gui will be able to return to life, provided he finds a compatible body to receive his soul (since his body has been cremated!). Aided by a second-rate demon, Gui sets out to find a body to call his own. The series won the Prodav development announcement 05/2013, an incentive from Ancine / Sectoral Fund and BRDE, scripted and directed by Paulo Halm and actors Álamo Facó (as Gui), Pablo Sanábio (the demon), Anaju Dorigon (as Esmeralda, the beautiful and naïve waitress Gui is in love with), Xando Graça (as Isaías, owner of the pension and father of Esmeralda) and Maksin Oliveira (as the bohemian Domingos, Gui’s unfaithful friend).