Jalapão que o Diabo amassou

The series is a mixture of horror, action and comedy, not necessarily in this order …

It tells the story of a couples’ exchange – reality show recorded in Jalapão, state of Tocantins. Signed by director and writer Paulo Halm with the collaboration of Juliana Almeida, the series has 10 episodes of 22 minutes being developed in coproduction with Tapioca Tour Entretenimento, producer based in Jalapão.

Storyline: A TV crew set out to shoot a couples’ exchange – reality show in the pleasant settings of the Jalapão Natural Park and ends up getting in the way of a group of religious fundamentalist ‘quilombolas’ that live there. Quilombolas are descendants of slaves that live in secluded villages founded by their slave ancestors.
After some incidents, our heroes discover that they are under threat from a terrible supernatural force that will turn the footage into a deadly nightmare.