Matrioska is a romantic comedy directed by Paulo Halm. Co-produced by Globo Filmes and República Pureza Filmes, will star Marcos Veras and Antônio Fagundes, and will feature a Russian actress in the cast. Filmed in Rio and Moscow, the feature’s release is scheduled for 2021 with distribution by Fênix Filmes.


José comes to Rio to take care of the estate of his deceased father, Machado, with whom he never got along. The ghost of Machado tries to reconcile with Joseph. The relationship between living son and ghost father becomes complicated when the redheaded Ekaterina, the father’s Russian mail-order bride appears. Ekaterina quickly reveals herself to be a woman full of attributes and qualities. The redhead plays, and sings, and dances! And makes love like no one else. Jose falls in love with the young woman, but soon discovers that the girl is illegal in Brazil and is being sought by the Federal Police for being part of an international scheme of trafficking and prostituting women. Like a Matrioska, the Russian nesting doll, Ekaterina is revealing a new woman time and again. And with every revelation, a new problem arises.