Tudo errado

* photo credit: Natália Odenbreit

Tudo Errado is a dramatic comedy that talks about adolescence, a crucial and disturbing period for both those who live it and those who live with one. It takes a light and good-humored approach. In it the first uncertainties are manifested. The great revolts, the greatest desires. Great passions and dreams.

In a country where the majority of its population is under the age of 18, it is fundamental to make films that approach the universe of teenagers, such as family relationships, sexuality, pregnancy, drugs, lack of perspectives, dreams, ambitions, frustrations and maturity.

In a dynamic and sophisticated language. With humor and reflection, the feature film aims to establish an identification and dialogue with young (of any age) and popular audiences.

Synopsis: Bebel, 16, discovers she’s pregnant and panics. She thinks about committing suicide but ends up running away from home and asking for a ride on the road. That’s when she meets Sonia, 40, veterinarian, an insecure and a bit immature woman who is moving to Tocantins, escaping from an abusive relationship. Believing that she is an orphan, Sonia takes Bebel with her.

In the new city, Bebel enjoys cycling and bathing in a waterfall. She even forgets that she is pregnant …. She and Sonia meet Pierre, a fifty-something dilettante who thinks he is an artist but owns one of the biggest farms in the area. But the place is completely bankrupt, since Pierre only thinks of writing his novel about the man’s ability to make mistakes, even when trying to do the right thing.

Pierre is interested in Sonia, but she is in love with Bebel, who met a mysterious biker named Giba. This kid’s in town trying to make contact with … flying saucers. Sonia does not like the romance between Bebel and Giba and the two fight. Sonia seeks solace in Pierre’s arms while Bebel seeks shelter in Giba’s house.

That’s when Pierre’s farm is invaded by people from the Landless Workers’ Movement. The press interviews Bebel, who appears on TV and is seen by his parents, who travel to Tocantins to look for her. Pierre confesses that despite appearing to be an unproductive farm, his lands are the state’s largest marijuana plantation. Shocked, Sonia breaks up with Pierre and returns to her house, where she meets Bebel’s parents. Sonia discovers that Bebel is not an orphan, and that she is pregnant.

Sonia is again in crisis. Bebel reconciles with the parents and will say goodbye to Giba, but it is too late. The boy might have boarded a flying saucer.

In the middle of all this, Nanda, Sonia’s ex-girlfriend, arrives. The veterinarian reconciles with her, leaving Pierre all alone. Pierre decides to give the farm up to the people from the Landless Workers’ Movement, but not before he sets fire to his marijuana plantation. The smoke causes waves of pleasure and joy in everyone.

Returning to Brasilia, Bebel reflects on these events and wonders if there is any meaning to life.

But her belly is growing, and she will have more to worry about than the pointlessness of things.