Letícia Pires graduated in Cinema from PUC-Rio, has produced more than 10 short films and directed the children’s short film No Escuro, which won prizes at major (inter-)national children’s film festivals. She has also directed a featurette documentary about the musician Plínio. She is a published author and is currently doing her master’s in “Language […]


With 20 years on the market, she has worked for Canal Brasil / Globosat as a producer, reporter, content editor and director of programs such as Retalhão, Elvirão ou como vovó já dizia and Luz, câmera & canção. In Conspiração Filmes, she worked as a producer for fiction feature films such as Carolina Jabor’s Aos […]


Avesso is a 75-minute documentary feature film project for television and film about rape and the feminine condition in our day from the look of women victims of sexual abuse.


Jaqueline Neves holds a master’s degree in History from UNIRIO, studied Radio & TV at UFRJ and works as executive producer, researcher and project developer for cinema and TV. She is currently an executive production assistant at Canhota Filmes. For cinema, she has worked as executive producer for the feature-length documentaries Madame (2019), by André […]