The feature-length documentary tells the story of Camille Cabral. Born with the Social identity of a man in the interior of the state of Paraíba, northeast Brazil. Ordained a Franciscan friar, Camille assumed her transsexuality and turned it into a cause. After graduating Medicine in the state of Pernambuco, she moved to France at the time of the emergence of the HIV virus and the beginning of AIDS research. There she started a social struggle in defense of sex workers and founded an NGO that fights for minority rights and combats sex trafficking. She is the first transgender person to be elected councilor in the French Republic. Contrasted are the beautiful landscapes of Paris with an underworld of transsexual immigrants to France by Camille’s return to her homeland for the first time as a woman with identity and a history of struggles. The documentary won the support of coproduction of Globo Filmes / GloboNews and is forecast to launch by the end of 2018.