Avesso is a 75-minute documentary feature film project for television and film about rape and the female condition in our present day from the point of view of female victims of sexual abuse. From the individual experience of director Letícia Pires, the film will be narrated in first person and will relate her life experiences.

The documentary aims to investigate the male-centered behavior in our society, absorbed by men and women, and rooted in our daily lives, trivializing violence against women. Our premise is to let the spectator recognize himself in “small actions” with the intention of making the cinema serve as a mirror of the soul, capable of causing them to reevaluate their behavior and ideas. The film aims to displace the normality of atrocities experienced by thousands and thousands of women every day, where outbursts gain strength and unite, not only by the narrative of the documentary itself, but also by the repercussions we intend to give it. Always using the aesthetics of sensitivity to portray the female universe, Avesso is a movie made by women for women. A voice to add to the crowd.